Eradication of poverty through community economic development using micro financing: Lessons learned from Grameen Bank Bangladesh

2016 IJRSM – Volume 5 Issue 2


Rouf, Kazi Abdur*
York Center for Asian Research Center (YCAR), York University, Canada (


Community Economic Development (CED) model is an alternative socio-economic development approach that provokes for the local economic development in order to eradicate poverty among the disadvantaged people in the community. P. Boothroyd and H. Davis (1993) in their article talk about the “Community Economic Development: Three Approaches” where they narrates three different frameworks of community economic development. Although these three frameworks of CED emphasis on the holistic economic community development, each CED approach/framework has a special feature that emphasizes on particular socio-economic elements pointed by capital letters Ced, cEd, and ceD based on each community development project’s nature and type. This paper is an effort to explore the application of CED- three approaches in the contexts of Canada and Bangladesh. The paper also deeply looks at Grameen Bank activities in Bangladesh, K-Net Canada as case studies; and analyzes GB activities and K-Net Canada activities in the lens of the CED- Three approaches designed by P. Boothroyd and H. Davis (1993).

Keywords: community development; community economic development (CED); community organizing; feminization of poverty; Grameen Bank micro-credit



*Corresponding Author