The development of speaking fluency: The 4/3/2 technique for the EFL learners in China

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 4


Yang, Yingjie*
University of Southern Queensland, Australia (


EFL teaching is gradually changed from a traditional grammar-based model to a communicative language teaching approach in China. So, there is a variety of methodologies to help the Chinese EFL learners to practice their speaking skills. Lack of speaking fluency practice, sometimes, is not sufficient to maintain a communicative task in EFL class. This paper examines previous studies and researches in fluency development: to point out the importance of speaking fluency; to outline a 4/3/2 method adapting in the EFL class; to implement retrieval strategy to cultivate a long-term practice and to prove the fluency improvements in class will be beneficial in real-life conversation.

Keywords: EFL speaking, fluency development, the 4/3/2 activity, retrieval strategy, communicative language teaching



*Corresponding Author