Causes of reticence: Engendering willingness to speak in language classrooms

2014 IJRSLL – Volume 3 Issue 1


Riasati, Mohammad Javad*
Department of Foreign Languages, Shiraz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shiraz, Iran (


A common problem faced by many language teachers, both in EFL and ESL settings, is the students’ unwillingness to speak and participate in classroom activities. The present study delves into this issue by reviewing studies concerning this issue to figure out how different researchers have attempted to identify the causes of students’ reticence and lack of participation. The study aims to come up with some practical techniques and strategies teachers can employ in order to discover causes of reticence among language learners and thus make them more willing to speak in language classrooms.

Keywords: reticence; willingness to speak; participation; language learners; language learning



*Corresponding Author