Digital security implementation in big data using Hadoop

2016 IJRSC – Volume 5 Issue 1

Available Online: 14 February 2016


Gupta, Palak*
Shobhit University, India (

Tyagi, Nidhi
Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology, UPTU, India (


The security of Big Data is of concern. As the amount of data increases, more and more companies of the large repositories of data for the storage, and extraction of data. Big data offers a tremendous competitive advantage for the companies that help to adapt their products to the needs of data, identifying and minimizing the inefficiency of enterprises, and the dissemination of data with user groups. Fuse the big data supplied with their own challenges apart from a target of great value. This is not fundamentally different from more data security as the security of the traditional data. Big data security challenges arise because of the difference and not incrementally basic elements. In this paper we had discussed all the major and minor challenges of Big Data followed by the literature review in which we have focused on the security issue to be resolved here. Then the work along with the steps is discussed.

Keywords: security; big data; challenges; keys; Hadoop; TrustStore; KeyStore



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Gupta, P., & Tyagi, N. (2016). Digital security implementation in big data using Hadoop. International Journal of Research Studies in Computing, 5(1), 3-9.

*Corresponding Author