Establishing a valuable method of packet capture and packet analyzer tools in firewall

2012 IJRSC – Volume 1 Issue 1


Kumar, P. Senthil*
Nandha College of Technology, Erode, India (

S., Arumugam
Nandha College of Technology, Erode, India (


Packet capture is the act of capture the data packets across a computer network. Packet captures is used by the network administrators and security engineers for the purposes of Monitor network traffic, analyzes traffic patterns, Identify and troubleshoot network problems. Problem statement: The Conventional firewall is performed the packet capture followed by allowing or disallowing the packet as per user specified policy. Approach: our approach is to implement the Deep packet capture (DPC), Deep packet Inspection (DPI) and also analyze the packet in effective manner. This approach is helpful for monitor the all activates in the public or private network. Deep packet capture (DPC) is the act of capturing, at full network speed, complete network packets payload, crossing a network with a high traffic rate. Deep packet inspection (DPI) to review network packet data, perform forensics analysis to uncover the root cause of network problems, identify security threats, and ensure data communications and network usage complies with outlined policy. Some DPCs can be coupled with DPI and can result as, inspect, and analyze all networks traffic in real-time.

Keywords: packet capture; packet analyzer; deep packet capture; deep packet inspection; network traffic



*Corresponding Author