I survive: COVID-19 patients’ journey towards recovery

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
2021 Volume 9 Issue 2

Available Online: 16 August 2021


Balasta, Kathleen M.*
Laguna College of Business and Arts, Philippines (kathleenbalasta@yahoo.com)


This study investigated the lived experiences of twelve (12) COVID-19 survivors in the City of Sta. Rosa, Province of Laguna to explore their journey towards recovery. As an output of the study, a proposed detailed program was made to address the need of ensuring the psychological stability of the survivors. The research design used was qualitative with a phenomenology method as an approach. The researcher used the snowball sampling technique so that a particular participant can refer another participant with the same criteria as needed in the study. Using the interpretative phenomenological analysis, the study generated eight subordinate themes: unpleasant and fine experiences; significant and insignificant ones; various support; different ways of contriving; setting self-regulated activity; mixed emotions; psychological changes; prepared and aware; experiential advice. Under the first theme, it explored their experience while they were quarantined for fourteen days or more to recover from COVID-19. For the second theme, they were asked who were their support systems to help them overcome the illness and in what way. As for the third theme, the participants shared their reactions to dealing with the psychological effects of the disease caused by the pandemic. On the fourth theme, the participants were asked what alternative ways they have taken to overcome their condition. Under the fifth theme, they described their feeling when they were discharged from the quarantine facility or after their quarantine period. On the sixth theme, they were asked if their experience caused a change in their thoughts, emotions, and outlook on life as a COVID-19 survivor. For the seventh theme, they were asked if they are prepared now than before the pandemic. Lastly, they gave their advice to people who have experienced this type of illness. Awareness about Self-Introspection Mental Health of COVID-19 Survivors shall be strictly implemented and observed by the government agencies for better results.

Keywords: COVID-19 survivors, journey, recovery


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2021.m060

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Balasta, K. M. (2021). I survive: COVID-19 patients’ journey towards recovery. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(2), 61-69. https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2021.m060

*Corresponding Author