Pagsusuri sa ponemang suprasegmental ng wikang Iranun

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 14
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online:  20 October 2022


Toto, Sitti Aisha G.
Western Mindanao State University, Philippines (

Reyes, Aubrey F.*
Western Mindanao State University, Philippines (


The study aims to record, translate and analyze the phonological features particularly the suprasegmental phonemes of Iranun language. This study is qualitative research which uses descriptive analytic design. The researchers developed a guide question pertaining to the daily lives of a native Irunun and their situation during the pandemic which was used to interview the participants of this study. The data that was collected were analyzed based on the framework model of Santiago and Tiangco (1991), this was the lence used by the researchers to describe the characteristics of their phonemes. The result of the study shows that Iranuns has emphasis on the use of their words, and the meaning of these words changes every time they change the emphasis. In addition, this language has only three types of pronunciations; the gentle, the fast, and the slow pronunciation. Furthermore, it was also discovered that the language also possesses tone and stops or delays that gives a different meaning to a sentence or phrase. Therefore, it was concluded that Iranun language is very unique based on its phonological characteristics particularly in the suprasegmental phonology which is extremely important in the communication among the native Iranun speaker.

Keywords: pagsusuri, ponemang suprasegmental, wika, Iranun



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Toto, S. A. G., & Reyes, A. F. (2022). Pagsusuri sa ponemang suprasegmental ng wikang Iranun. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(14), 43-48.

* Corresponding Author