Communicative language teaching: The missing link between theory and practice

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 13

Available Online:  8 July 2022


Daba, Derara*
Wollega University, Ethiopia (

Teshome, Zeleke
Wollega University, Ethiopia (

Bekele, Ebisa
Wollega University, Ethiopia (


The general objective of this study was to investigate EFL teachers’ implementation experiences of communicative language teaching with reference to selected secondary school EFL teachers in East Wollega Zone, Ethiopia. To achieve the intended objective, descriptive survey research design with mixed approach was employed. Data was collected through questionnaire, classroom observation, interview and textbook analysis. The teachers were selected through availability sampling technique for questionnaire, and randomly for classroom observation and interview. The quantitative data was analyzed by descriptive statistics using SPSS version 20 while the qualitative data was analyzed by narrating the information thematically. Accordingly, it was found out that the teachers rarely implemented communicative language teaching in the EFL classrooms. Opportunities were rarely given for learners to communicate in English language. There was very little interaction between the teachers and the students or among the students themselves in English language. Teaching and learning through lecture was the regular teaching activity in the study area. Teaching was seen as writing note on the blackboard, letting students copy the notes, and explaining the notes with examples. Contrary to this, grades 11 and 12 English language textbooks are designed in a way they engage students in communication. Contextual challenges related to students, teachers, university entrance examination wash back and school context affect the implementation of communicative language teaching. Therefore, it is recommended that EFL teachers should get sufficient training to implement communicative language teaching.

Keywords: communicative language teaching, theory, practice, implementation, contextual challenges



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Daba, D., Teshome, Z., & Bekele, E. (2022). Communicative language teaching: The missing link between theory and practice. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(13), 1-14.

*Corresponding Author