Assessment on the readiness of students in online education: A case of UM Panabo College

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 8

Available Online:  30 April 2022


Chico, Amelie L.
UM Panabo College, Philippines (


Another major challenge for learners who have poor time management skills and are hardly tailored to online learning is the overload of tasks and deadlines. COVID-19 is a global problem affecting Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This pandemic led to a strong reason among students who experience struggles in online education. It has been the critical mode to continue schooling. There are online learning sites such as Google, TV broadcasts, guidelines, tools, video lectures, and online channels (UNESCO 2020). This descriptive study assessed the 320 students who maximize the online survey using google forms while 28 students for qualitative interview through email and messenger with a period covered October 2-16, 2020. The findings have shown that among 320 students’ participants there were 249 students answered that they have no personal computer/laptop; it is also depicted that 61 students answered they have personal computer/laptop, and ten (10) of the respondents did not indicate whether they have personal computer. Respondents of this study reveals that (45 students) are connected to WIFI, while 16 students are not connected to WIFI (do not have stable internet connection; dependent on data load from telecom companies) which implies an even more significant challenge to educational institutions. The transition of the new normal learning came to several adjustments from its readiness in online education and utilization of LMS platforms. Study aimed to identify and describe the extent of the readiness of students in using Quipper LMS in the teaching and learning process. The quantitative result showed that students had high acceptance on the use of Quipper LMS. It is also supported on the qualitative phase of the study, were it showed positive experiences of students in using Quipper as an online platform. However, sensitivity of the features inside the Quipper LMS is addressed by the systems provider.

Keywords: assessment, readiness, online education, LMS, students, case study



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Chico, A. L. (2022). Assessment on the readiness of students in online education: A case of UM Panabo College. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(8), 111-116.