Implementasyon ng online learning sa Leyte Normal University: Saloobin ng mga mag-aaral

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 1

Available Online:  2 January 2022


Dadacay, Alyssa*
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Guba, Arjelyn
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Costiniano, Angel
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Gumba, Kimberly
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Lendio, Jenecyl
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (

Lopez, Christian Dale
Leyte Normal University, Philippines (


This research is about students’ perception regarding the implementation of online learning. This research was conducted to find out the different perceptions regarding the implementation of online learning focused on online learning materials, strategies and support. The researcher used a questionnaire or survey questionnaire as a primary instrument in collecting data where the respondents are the first-year students at Leyte Normal University in the academic year 2020-2021 with a total number of one thousand five hundred and seventy (1570). The total number of respondents was determined using the table by Krejcie and Morgan (1970). Meanwhile, in determining the respondents the Quota Sampling technique was used and the research design was cross-sectional survey design. The researcher found that the students agreed with the use of online learning materials because they are accessible such as power point and others. It also emerged from this research that there was uncertainty as to the student’s perceptions towards the asynchronous classes but majority of the items were agreed. In the items for online learning support, most of the students agreed. A good intervention in this research is to expand the use of online learning, strategies and support to develop deeper learning and meet each other’s needs in online learning.

Keywords: implementation, perception, online learning materials, online learning strategies, online learning support



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Dadacay, A., Guba, A., Costiniano, A., Gumba, K., Lendio, J., & Lopez, C. D. (2022). Implementasyon ng online learning sa Leyte Normal University: Saloobin ng mga mag-aaral. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(1), 77-85.

*Corresponding Author