Pananaw sa same sex marriage: Lalim at pagdalumat

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 5

Available Online:  7 February 2022


Derilo, Mylene
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Serias, Francis
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Gajo, Raymart
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Halamani, Cris
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines

Gelilio, Eric*
Veritas College of Irosin, Philippines
Sorsogon State University, Philippines
Gallanosa National High School, Philippines (


People have different views on what is homosexual and same sex marriage and we have clarified this for humanity. This is one of the social issues that everyone should pay attention to because its legalization is rampant in neighboring areas. This research contains self -perception and reality regarding The Acceptance of Homosexuals and the Legalization of Same -Sex Marriage. This study aimed to find out the own opinion or perspective of selected respondents about same sex marriage and acceptance of homosexuals. This study is a kind of qualitative research design. The participants consisted of 22 from the Filipino people. Purposive sampling was also used as the sample and population of the study. A questionnaire and a checklist were used for the responses from which data and information were obtained which formed the basis of the study results. Based on the data gathered and the analyzed results of the opinion study on legal same-sex marriage in the Philippines, some Filipinos still agree and disagree with it. There are those who are open-minded to agree on this issue but there are still religious Filipinos who do not agree. Proof that Filipinos still have their own opinions about legal same -sex marriage in the Philippines.

Keywords: homosexual, acceptance, perception, legalization



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Derilo, M., Serias, F., Gajo, R., Halamani, C., & Gelilio, E. (2022). Pananaw sa same sex marriage: Lalim at pagdalumat. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(5), 15-24.

*Corresponding Author