Lived experience of kindergarten parents in modular distance learning

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 12

Available Online:  2 August 2021


Taguinod, Alyssa Denice*
Laguna College of Business and Arts, Philippines (


This study was conducted in order to determine the lived experience of kindergarten parents in modular distance learning. The researcher believed that there were many ways for the betterment of the learning of the child while they were at home. The researcher’s main objective was to help the parents solve the challenges faced in the new normal set up of education. As an output of the study, the researcher produced a localized video to enhance the learning of parents in guiding their kindergarten children at home. The research design used in this study was qualitative with phenomenological analysis as approach with the use of purposeful sampling. The respondents of the study were fifteen (15) kindergarten parents in selected public schools in the East district of Division of Calamba. The researcher used thematic analysis as a means of analyzing the data collected from the responses of the participants and generated ten (10) superordinate themes which were Continuity of Learning Despite the Pandemic, Typical Day to Extraordinary Day as a Parent-Teacher, Varied Parents Responses on Distance Learning, Embracing New Responsibilities, Parents Challenging Aspects for Distance Learning, Key to Conquer Challenges in Education, Factors that Affect the Child’s Learning Focus, Holistic Preparation for Child’s Education, Varied Techniques towards the Child’s Effective Learning and Using Various Means to Understand the Pandemic’s Effect on Education. The findings revealed that the parents faced different challenges in guiding their child in modular distance learning and these challenges were time management, organizing daily routines, distractions, new responsibility, understanding lesson and quality education. The researcher reflected that with the help of the teachers and the localized video, the mentioned challenges could be able to surpass by the parents.

Keywords: experiences, kindergarten, parents, modular, distance learning



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