Making lit a hit: Teaching and learning poetry in grade 9 through songs and calligrams

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 12

Available Online:  5 August 2021


Nieves, Tricia Paula F.*
Laguna College of Business and Arts, Philippines (

Recillo, Maria Luisa B.
City College of Calamba, Philippines


This study focused on the lived experiences of Grade 9 English teachers and students when dealing with poetry through songs and calligrams in the selected private schools in Cabuyao and Calamba. This study was conducted to discover what were the experiences the teachers and students encountered when they dealt with poetry using the traditional method and then shifting to using songs and calligrams. The study used interpretative phenomenological analysis using qualitative research design. A validated self-made questionnaire was used during the multiple in-depth interviews with the participants to gather qualitative data in order to gather the difficulties, challenges, and how they coped when the participants experienced using songs and calligrams as well as traditional method in dealing with poetry. Qualitative data showed that the participants experienced difficulties when dealing with poetry using the traditional method during class discussion, unlike with songs and calligrams that showed how helpful it was for both participants. In addition, the participants’ answers reveal that there was an improvement in the performance of the participants when songs and calligrams were used when they dealt with poetry. Despite these difficulties experienced by the participants, using a modern method such as songs and calligrams helped both participants to help them achieve performance progress compared to using the traditional method in dealing with poetry. The integration of both techniques in teaching and learning poetry will be helpful fo both teachers and students to achieve higher success of learning. For the output, a compendium of poems and songs was proposed.

Keywords: literature, songs, calligrams, teaching, learning poetry



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Nieves, T. P. F., & Recillo, M. L. B. (2021). Making lit a hit: Teaching and learning poetry in grade 9 through songs and calligrams. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(12), 97-114.

*Corresponding Author