Sosyo-kultural na pagdalumat sa kwentong-bayan sa Isla ng Caohagan tungo sa pagbuo ng kontekstwalisadong kagamitang panturo

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 11

Available Online:  27 July 2021


Dablo, Reniel Roy
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Dela Rama, Adriana Dominique
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Garcia, Renelyn N.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Maglasang, Milky Mitch A.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Nanoy, Josierose T.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Paga, Meliza E.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Verallo, Raymond T.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Borbajo, Maria Noeleen M.
Lapu-Lapu City College, Philippines (

Noval, Arnel T.*
Cebu Technological University – Main Campus, Philippines (


This study focuses on analyzing selected folktales in Caohagan Island. It also emphasizes the analysis of the theme, culture and values contained in each folktale being analyzed. Qualitative research in a form of content analysis was utilized in the study to explore the folktales found in Caohagan Island. The study found out that the most emergent themes in Caohagan Island folktales are related to family security and safety, protection for young people, faith and reverence in God, God’s omnipotence, and blessings far beyond worldly things such as nature’s bounty. In addition, the values in the selected folktales include disaster preparedness, resiliency, unity, preaching the immense power of God, and diligence. It was also discovered that the culture in folktales show identity in their daily lives, actions or habits, faith such as having a procession, sending children home earlier in the evening, belief in the sumpa, solemn faith in God, relying on the resources available in the sea. The researchers recommend the use of the learning package in teaching folktales so that students can appreciate and further develop their understanding of local literature and culture. Based on the findings, it was concluded that the folktales in Caohagan Island serve as a treasure trove of the island with unique themes that traces their way of life, beliefs, values, and culture that reflect their virtue, identity and unity of the Kawhaganyon. Using the learning package in teaching folktales will help in the dissemination, patronage and preservation of the local heritage in Caohagan Island.

Keywords: pagdalumat, sosyo-kultural, kwentong-bayan, Isla Caohagan, kagamitang panturo



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Dablo, R. R., Dela Rama, A. D., Garcia, R. N., Maglasang, M. M. A., Nanoy, J. T., Paga, M. E., Verallo, R. T., Borbajo, M. N. M., & Noval, A. T. (2021). Sosyo-kultural na pagdalumat sa kwentong-bayan sa Isla ng Caohagan tungo sa pagbuo ng kontekstwalisadong kagamitang panturo. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(11), 1-14.

*Corresponding Author