Mitigating the rural-urban disparities in Chinese compulsory basic education

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 3


Kihwele, Jimmy*
Beijing Normal University, China (

Taye, Markos
University of Gondar, Ethiopia (

Sang, Guoyan
Beijing Normal University, China (


This review paper highlights the Chinese education context in rural areas and discusses some of the initiatives taken by the government in addressing the issue of disparity in accessing quality education. In particular, the review paper reflects the status of compulsory basic education in rural China from 1990s onwards, government support in rural schools and the initiatives to mitigate the rural-urban disparities. Few initiatives by the government to tackle rural-urban disparities include but not limited to government’s commitment to the national policy of education, Free Normal Education Policy (FNE) of 2007, teacher mobility policy implemented from 2010 to 2020, compulsory school merger program in 2000, rural school mapping adjustment policy of 2001, abolishing Hukou system as well as compulsory basic education.

Keywords: Chinese education system; rural-urban disparities; compulsory basic education; quality of education



*Corresponding Author