Automation of motorized water pump with LED and buzzer using Arduino

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Divine Word College of San Jose Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 3

Available Online: 9 June 2023


Gallardo, Anneah Lei P.*
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (

De Lara, Kate Allyzeah V.
Sanchez, Akeisha Lyn M.
Advincula, Ashley Veron N.
Aguilar, John Renzy B.
Monterey, Jamee Andrea D.
Bautista, Josephine N.
Limos-Galay, Jenny A.


One of the significant developments over the years in agriculture is the use of automation. This study focuses on the automation of motorized pumps with Led using Arduino. The researchers used an applied experimental design and the research process was fulfilled based on the procedures of this study in order to develop the product. Researchers carefully gathered all the information through observation experimentation and survey to determine the acceptability and effectiveness of the product. Based on the findings, there is a significant difference between the proposed product and the manual turning off of the water pump. Based on the result of observation, the number of times the farmers have to turn off the water pump manually within a day is slightly different with the use of an automated water pump. Researchers also found that the product would make the life of farmers easier. Thus, this system is useful both during the day and at night; the buzzer can be used in broad daylight, while the LED can be used in the evening as it may not be visible enough for farmers to see in broad daylight; with this, agricultural workers will be able to identify if the watering process is complete. Therefore, the researchers recommend using a Motorized Water pump and finding a Relay Module that has a high capacity of voltage that can be connected to the Motorized Water Pump in order for this product to be used in a larger area, in farms.

Keywords: Arduino, automation, LED, agriculture, motorized pumps



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Gallardo, A. L. P., De Lara, K. A. V., Sanchez, A. L. M., Advincula, A. V. N., Aguilar, J. R. B., Monterey, J. A. D., Bautista, J. N., & Limos-Galay, J. A. (2023). Automation of motorized water pump with LED and buzzer using Arduino. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(3), 31-40.

* Corresponding Author