Adventitious blindness: The road to self-acceptance

Bryan Vinoya Catama, Alayla Louise A Del Castillo, Athena Grace S Espino, Melanie K Beleo, Leda Mae V Blanca, Moira Angela B Bunagan, Eliel Dhenise M Cruz


Self-acceptance is the very foundation of one’s identity before developing other areas of personal well-being. People with adventitious blindness had experienced a lot of hardships, struggles, and challenges before they had fully developed self-acceptance. Thus, this research aims to explore on how the fifteen (15) respondents with adventitious blindness accepted themselves. A qualitative phenomenological type of research was used in gathering and interpreting the data of this research. Out of the gathered responses of the respondents, the researchers came up with a thematic analysis of the factors that led to self-acceptance called F-A-I-T-H. Each of the letters characterizes a significant representation of their personal outlook in their lives. Family support, achievement, inspiration, time, and hope are the pertinent variables leading to the road of self-acceptance.

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