The pattern of compliments in Instagram photo comments

Rohmani Nur Indah, Nur Fatikh Rifana


This study investigates the pattern of both compliment and its responses on topic of skill or ability used in Instagram. The purpose of this study is to explore the complimenting pattern of Igers (Instagram user) as well as the way they respond complimenting in online context. For the analysis, this study employs Manes and Wolfson’s theory (1981) of compliment form to identify the syntactic pattern of the compliments. In figuring out the type of compliment responses of Igers, it applies Herbert’s (1989) theory of compliment responses taxonomy. The finding revealed that Igers’ compliments on skill or ability in Instagram are mostly short, characterized by the use of minimal syntactic pattern with the dominant use of adjectives rather than verbs. In addition, most Igers show acceptance strategy by applying appreciation token and comment acceptance.

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