2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 7

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 7

Table of Contents

  1. Transformational leadership, organizational innovation and teachers’ performance: Inputs to performance innovation framework in Chinese universities
    Jia, Tingting
  2. Occupational stress, compensation fairness and job burnout among teachers in public universities in Hefei City
    Zou, Yanan
  3. Performance management, job happiness and job performance among Chinese knowledge workers: Inputs to employee productivity model
    Shen, Wang Qi
  4. Organizational support, job satisfaction and work engagement of university teachers: Basis for teachers’ career development program
    Li, Mengxu
  5. Personal attributes, readiness and employability of college graduates: Inputs to career development plan
    Chen, Pingtao
  6. Transformational leadership, green innovation and green human resource management: Inputs to listed house property sustainability framework
    Wei, Wei
  7. Online shopping experience, website brand familiarity and online customer satisfaction: Inputs to online marketing strategy enrichment framework
    Li, Sijie
  8. Service quality, tourist purchase behavior and tourists’ satisfaction: Inputs for strategic tourism marketing framework
    Zhou, Shengchao
  9. Organizational commitment, self-efficacy and work engagement among Chinese employees in foreign IT companies: Basis for improved work performance framework
    Cui, Xiao-Ning
  10. Digitalization, business innovation and company performance of manufacture industry in China: Basis for innovative business operation framework
    Han, Xiaohan
  11. Employee motivation, work attitude and work performance in manufacturing enterprises in China: Inputs to innovative manufacturing performance framework
    Xie, Mingzhu
  12. Work passion, leadership empowerment and employees’ creative performance management framework for improved employee performance
    Sun, Yanrong
  13. Organizational climate, team conflict and project performance: Basis for construction management framework
    Cai, Yongshou
  14. Enterprise value, growth, and internal control quality: A framework for enterprise development
    Wang, Yisu
  15. Entrepreneurial ability, entrepreneurial orientation and new-startup challenges: Basis for Chinese startups growth mechanism framework
    Wang, Zixuan