2023 IJRSM – Volume 11 Issue 5

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
Volume 11, Issue Number 5

Table of Contents

  1. Followership behavior, team performance and employee satisfaction: Inputs to employee satisfaction model
    Song, Longfei
  2. Maritime instructors’ competence, retention, and attrition: Basis for strategic human resource development plan
    Atienza, Jasper
  3. Knowledge management practices, employee work engagement and balanced scorecard: Basis for organizational performance framework
    Suarez, Marc Michael G.
  4. Organizational resilience, dynamic capability and business innovation: Inputs to continuous development model of tourism SMEs
    Dan, Yan Ru
  5. Work engagement, employee empowerment and work performance among salesmen in China: Basis for enhanced employee productivity model
    Zhu, Feng
  6. Corporate values, ethical leadership and social responsibility practices in mature SME’s in China: Basis for enhanced ethical leadership practices
    Tang, Lixia
  7. Professional development, employee motivation and work commitment: Basis for human resource development plan
    Li, Bin
  8. Organizational support, organizational commitment and job satisfaction: Basis for human resource strategic framework
    Wang, Anqi
  9. Self-efficacy, work satisfaction and burnout among teachers in private universities in China: Inputs to faculty development plan
    Wang, Yuli
  10. Transformational leadership, organizational fairness, organizational cultural atmosphere: Basis for organization identity model in private universities in China
    Zhu, Xiangqun
  11. Service quality, customer satisfaction and retention: Basis for logistic companies continuous improvement framework
    Yu, Liting
  12. Live streaming strategy, corporate social responsibility, and online consumer purchasing behavior: Basis for Integrated marketing strategy module of Chinese e-commerce company
    Wang, Yu He
  13. Self-efficacy on transformational leadership and work engagement: Basis for higher education institutions work productivity framework
    Fan, Peixia
  14. Green innovation, transformational leadership and human resource management: Inputs to green sustainability model of logistics company
    Doble, Gregoria; Encio, Hadge
  15. Customer relationship management, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty: Basis for CRM consolidated framework
    Li, Ling