2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 3

International Journal of Research Studies in Education
Volume 11, Issue Number 3
Special Issue on Monographs and Dissertations

Table of Contents

  1. Looking at the bigger picture: A semiotic analysis on online news photographs
    Moldez, Cheene; Gomez, Dan
  2. Hatihun nato: A morphosemantic analysis of Tausug inflection
    Camlian, Fatmalyn; De Leon, Maria Guadalupe
  3. Analysis of politeness strategies in Youtube reaction vlogs
    Alcosero, Irish Rose; Gomez, Dan
  4. Motibasyong pangwika ng mga mag-aaral: Isang istruktural na panatayang dulog
    Dipolog, Susan; Limpot, Marilou
  5. Stories of the holocaust: From the optics of Filipino learners
    Escalante, Liza; Gomez, Dan
  6. Davao Conyo invasion: A morpho-semantic analysis
    Mojica, Darla Regine Salve; De Leon, Maria Guadalupe M.
  7. Literary poetic tradition: An archetypal analysis of selected Kagan poems
    Sultio, Ariel; Gomez, Dan
  8. Effects of climate change: Struggles of small-scale farmers
    Caminero, Vincent Jun Loren; Mabida, Gracelyn M.
  9. Mga Sugilanon: A literary analysis on Ilonggo tales
    Nabas, Lenie H.; Asidoy, Lucena O.
  10. Sense of school belongingness as a predictor to student academic motivation
    Palomo, Shiela; Chagas, Mona Lisa
  11. Influence of Teacher Induction Program (TIP) to the beginning teachers’ performance
    Bustamante, Helen; Chagas, Mona Lisa
  12. School Dropout Reduction Program (S-DORP) in secondary schools of Ticao Cluster, Masbate Province
    Glomar, Richard