Big five personality factors and emotional intelligence among university students: A gender perspective

2018 IJRSP – Volume 7 Issue 1


Abbas, Munir
Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan (

Khan, Muhammad Nauroze*
Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan (


Students are the assets of a country. Personality traits and emotional intelligence are two important factors in study setting and also in career. Purpose of the study was to investigate the gender differences on big five personality traits and emotional intelligence of the university students. The data were collected from different institutes of Lahore, Pakistan. Sample size consists of (300) students in which 150 were male participants and 150 were female participants. Two questionnaires were administered, Wong and law Emotional Intelligence scale was used to measure emotional intelligence while NEO-FFI were used to measure personality traits.  It has been found that there was no gender difference regarding any of the variables used in study. Limitations and implications with future suggestions are discussed in the Pakistani Context.

Keywords: personality traits; emotional intelligence; students



*Corresponding Author