Helping among kin vs. non-kin: The role of psychological closeness

2016 IJRSP – Volume 5 Issue 3


Ferolino, Austin*
University of San Carlos, Philippines (;

Labaclado, Richie
University of San Carlos, Philippines (


This study explored the patterns of helping directed to kin versus non-kin. The participants of the study were 270 undergraduate students recruited from online and regular class periods. Moderated regression analysis confirmed that psychological closeness moderates the relationship between perceived kinship status and willingness to help. Specifically, the relationship between closeness and helping increased for non-kin, but decreased for kin. Results may imply that psychological closeness is an important determinant in helping a non-kin, and less important in helping a kin.

Keywords: psychological closeness; moderation; willingness to help



*Corresponding Author