Commitment of employees: The case of dormitory service administration at higher education in Beijing, China

2017 IJRSM – Volume 6 Issue 1


Taye, Markos T.*
Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China (

Sang, Guoyuan
Faculty of Education, Beijing Normal University, China (


Employees’ commitment is pertinent for the effectiveness of any higher education administration. This study aimed to explore the commitment of employees working at the dormitory service administration at a national key university in Beijing. By adopting the quantitative methodology, a questionnaire of 10 statements with three- point Likert scale was designed and handed out to 25 employees through following the convenience sampling technique. Data was analyzed using frequency counts (i.e. number of responses) and percentages. The results showed high commitment among dormitory service administration employees.

Keywords: commitment; student affair; dormitory service; higher education; China



*Corresponding Author