Teachers’ perspectives on professional learning communities in some Arab countries

2016 IJRSE – Volume 5 Issue 4


Al-Mahdy, Yasser F. Hendawy
Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Egypt (y_fathy1975@yahoo.com)

Sywelem, Mohamed M. Ghoneim*
Faculty of Education, Suez University, Egypt (ghoneim23@gmail.com)


The purpose of this study is to assess the perceptions of public school teachers in three Arab countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Oman) based on the dimensions of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and related attributes. A quantitative approach is implemented using the Professional Learning Communities Assessment–Revised (PLCA-R) questionnaire developed by (Olivier; Hipp, & Huffman, 2010). The measure is administered to public school teachers in Egypt, KSA, and Oman. The PLCA-R utilizes a four-point, forced Likert Scale. A sample of (1486) subjects is selected during 2014-2015 school years. The data is analyzed through descriptive statistics. The research concluded that both Saudi and Omani teachers showed positive perceptions regarding the degree to which their schools function as PLCs; whereas Egyptians showed negative perceptions, and there were significant differences between male and female teachers regarding their perceptions of the degree to which their schools function as PLCs in favor of female teachers.

Keywords: professional learning communities; teachers’ perspectives; Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Oman


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2016.1349

*Corresponding Author