Improving school and community partnership for sustainable quality assurance in secondary schools in Nigeria

2012 IJRSE – Volume 1 Issue 2


Ayeni, Adeolu Joshua*
Ondo State Quality Education Assurance Agency, Akure, Nigeria (


The paper highlights the objectives of secondary education, principal’s, teacher’s and student’s tasks in the attainment of quality education in secondary schools. It also examines the effectiveness of school-community partnership in ensuring quality instructional management, resource inputs, process and students’ learning outcomes. The paper concluded that the challenges that principals and teachers faced require effective application of a goal-oriented school and community partnership model as means of improving the quality of teaching and learning for the attainment of the set goals in secondary schools.

Keywords: educational objectives; school-community partnership; sustainable quality assurance; principal’s tasks; teacher’s tasks; student’s tasks; partnership model; learning outcome



*Corresponding Author