A study on the role of love to in the character building of army soldiers in Indonesia

2018 IJRSP – Volume 7 Issue 1


Zainal Abidin Ike, Aulia
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (auliazenlovemail@gmail.com)

Sulisworo, Dwi*
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (dwi.sulisworo@uad.ac.id)


Love and job are firstly two separated study objects, but when it is brought to the human life context, the two things could not be easily separated. This perspective explains that job and love can be united because they are in the different world. Now days, the dynamics of love on the job becomes an interesting topic to study considering that so far the explanation on that construction is still not enough. This research focuses on love on the job in the military organization setting. The consideration is based on the fact that theoretically psychological study on the job love in the military setting has never been conducted. The research subjects are six soldiers of Indonesian National Armed Land Forces assigned at Military Academy at Magelang, Indonesia. The verification of concept consistency in this research uses theoretical saturation. Research data is collected through observation, documentation, and in-depth face to face interview to the six research subjects. Based on the result of the conducted research, it can be concluded that the formation of love on the job in the military starts unconsciously from the education process experienced by the candidate of the soldier. The doctrine got during the education to change the mindset from a civilian to an army gives a big contribution to build the character of discipline, solidarity, and responsibility of the soldier candidates.

Keywords: army; doctrine; love; psychology; Indonesia


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2017.2004

*Corresponding Author