Electric sand siever machine

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Divine Word College of San Jose Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 3

Available Online: 9 June 2023


Lucena, Ma. Zerinel D.*
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (zerinlucena@gmail.com)

Salas, McJehn EJ D.
Lagare, Ashley Joy Q.
Culla, Garet Andrei P.
Manila, Marion John P.
Ancheta, Jasper F.
Bautista, Josephine N.
Limos-Galay, Jenny A.


This applied experimental research aimed to construct an electric sand siever machine and determine its effectiveness in sieving sand and abating the work of construction workers. Further, after the development of the product, the data gathered from the chosen respondents were encoded to test the difference between the electric sand siever machine and the manual sieving method. The researchers developed a product that would benefit construction workers because it requires less time and effort for the job to be done. The self-constructed questionnaires were made to determine the acceptability and effectiveness of the electric sand filter machine compared with the traditional sand filter. As a result, this study shows that there is a significant difference between an electric sand filter machine and manual sand sieving. In addition, the findings show that there is no significant difference between the manual sand sieving and electric sand siever machine in terms of speed to complete the task and output capacity. It was concluded that the electric sand filter machine is very functional and demonstrates high efficiency and usability. The electric sand filter machine is, indeed, highly recommended among construction sites, companies, as well as DWCSJ stakeholders due to its less manpower cost requirement and higher output capacity. In addition, the researchers also recommend that future researchers should conduct further related studies which will improve the present project, thereby contributing more to ease construction-related work.

Keywords: siever machine, manual sieving, sand, electric, output capacity, applied experimental research


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2023.1027

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Lucena, M. Z. D., Salas, M. E. D., Lagare, A. J. Q., Culla, G. A. P., Manila, M. J. P., Ancheta, J. F., Bautista, J. N., & Limos-Galay, J. A. (2023). Electric sand siever machine. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(3), 55-62. https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2023.1027

* Corresponding Author