‘The choice is made from no choice’: What motivates Libyan EFL teachers to work in times of change?

2018 IJRSLL – Volume 7 Issue 4


Suwaed, Hameda*
Sabratha University, Libya (hamedasuwaed@gmail.com)


Libya is currently experiencing dramatic economic, social and political challenges. These challenges have an important impact on the educational system. These challenges affect the teachers’ academic profession and daily life. Consequently, some teachers feel less motivated to teach. Most of the English as a foreign Language (EFL) research has investigated students’ motivation, but there is very little research on teachers’ motivation especially in Libya. Thus, this study aims to investigate the factors that motivate EFL college teachers working at Sabratha college of Arts and ways to enhance their motivation. Semi structured interview with 12 teachers was used to collect data in this study. The findings of the study showed that, among the intrinsic, extrinsic and altruistic reasons: passion to teaching, collegiality, and enjoyment of working with students are considered the most important motivating key factors.

Keywords: altruistic; collegiality; extrinsic; intrinsic; teachers’ motivation


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsll.2018.3001

*Corresponding Author