Register of the farmers in the province of Biliran

2022 IJRSE – Volume 11 Issue 1

Available Online:  2 January 2022


Magno, Jelyn M.
Biliran Province State University-Biliran Campus, Philippines (


People in a community using established set of words to communicate with each other has a lexicon. This study focused on determining words used by registered farmers in the Province of Biliran whose native language is Waray-Waray. It is directed towards answering the questions centering on the registered farmers’ lexicon, how they give meaning of their native language, and the development of farmer’s booklet in Waray-waray and Filipino with alternative expression and meaning. Descriptive method was used in describing the list of native expressions used by registered farmers in farming, anchored on Sociolinguistic Theory which focuses on language distinction and change. Result of the study revealed that there are sixty (60) local languages used by farmers with a corresponding translation in Filipino. These identified languages were given meaning based on how it was used and understood by farmers in their farming undertakings. These Waray-Waray farmers have distinctive languages where meaning of words are exclusive – could only be understood by them. The study concludes that like other profession, Waray-Waray farmers have a vocabulary used in dealing everyday undertakings. It will continue to enrich its value since language upsurges over time. Conducting similar study is encouraged to deepen understanding and collection of native languages to be utilized by students whose interest in farming is still to be won. Utilization of suggested farmer booklet is likewise encouraged in teaching the MTB-MLE in the primary level in the province of Biliran whose native language is Waray-Waray.

Keywords: lexicon, farming, mtb-mle, waray-waray, register



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Magno, J. M. (2022). Register of the farmers in the province of Biliran. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 11(1), 109-115.