Lived experience of literature teachers and students in the new normal

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 12

Available Online:  5 August 2021


Pordunzalan, Rio*
Laguna College of Business and Arts, Philippines (


This study was conducted to explore the lived experience of literature teachers and students in the new normal, particularly in dealing with Online Distance learning modality. The participants of the study were the Grade 9 Literature teachers and Grade 9 students from selected Junior High Schools in the private schools of Batangas. The study utilized qualitative research with interpretative phenomenology analysis as the approach in order to explore in detail the participants personal experience and its meaning. A validated self-made interview questionnaire was used as the primary data gathering instrument. The data collected were transcribed and analyzed to formulate themes. The themes were as follows: Diverse Perspectives, Different Viewpoints, Various Preparations, Varied Adjustments, Distinct Challenges, Various Solutions to Cope with Difficulties, Teaching and Learning Environment Conditions, Various Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors in Teaching, Barriers in Learning Literature Online, Varied Teaching Performance Status, Varied Learning Assessments, Improving Literature in Online Teaching Process and Effective Online Learning Recommendations. For the output of the study, a compilation of online literature for teachers and students was provided to serve and guide them in the process of teaching and learning online. It further helps them develop more fun and delightful learning of literature.

Keywords: experience, literature, literature teachers and students, new normal



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