Bisa ng Filtech Web Apps bilang kagamitang panturo sa asignaturang Filipino ng Lungsod ng Pasig

2021 IJRSE – Volume 10 Issue 1
Special IJRSE Luminary Issue

Available Online: 4 December 2020


Iranzo, Rhea V.*
Buting Senior High School, Division of Pasig, Philippines (


This study aims to measure the effectiveness of Filtech Web Apps in teaching narrative and persuasive text in Filipino subject to Grade 11 senior high school students of Buting Senior High School. A quasi-experimental research design was employed, where student-respondents were divided into two groups – the experimental group and the comparison group. The comparison group was subjected to traditional teaching method while the experimental group used the Filtech Web Apps. The scores obtained by each group of students in pretest, posttest, formative and summative examination were computed and used as the basis to determine the effectiveness of the Filtech Web Apps. As a result of the pretesting, no significant difference was noted in the persuasive text and significant difference appeared in narrative text. Whereas the experimental group obtained higher score compared to comparison group. The academic performance of the experimental group subjected to Filtech Web Apps performed better in terms of their average scores in formative, summative and post-test evaluation, than the comparison group who underwent the traditional method of teaching. The research study was significant as it confirmed the effectiveness of using Filtech Web Apps toward the objective of improving the performance of Grade 11 students in understanding narrative and persuasive text. The study, therefore, strongly recommends the adaptation of Filtech Web Apps and the use of other appropriate modern teaching technology, particularly in teaching Filipino subject. This is to enhance the understanding, the content evaluation skill and to further motivate students to study Filipino language. Similarly, Filipino teachers are encouraged to introduce innovation in their teaching methodology, so that these groups of millennial students would find the subject and topics interesting. This would also promote and stimulate interaction, collaboration, and active participation among students.

Keywords: Filtech Web Apps; traditional teaching; teaching material; Filipino subject



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Iranzo, R. V. (2021). Bisa ng Filtech Web Apps bilang kagamitang panturo sa asignaturang Filipino ng Lungsod ng Pasig. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 10(1), 87-96.

*Corresponding Author