Critical qualitative inquiry and methodological awareness: The effectiveness of face-to-face interviews in changing/enhancing participants’ beliefs and practices

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 2


Muthanna, Abdulghani*
OsloMet-Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway


This article reports on how to achieve the effectiveness of using face-to-face, in person semi-structured interviews in changing and/or enhancing the beliefs and practices of participants in all research, educational research in particular. Interviewers need first to upgrade their key research goals to include the most critical one: the development of ‘self-awareness’ of making an immediate change or enhancement in participants’ beliefs and practices. With this in mind and in practice, the critical qualitative inquirers fulfill an ultimate research goal that neither conferences nor publications can, as many participants in the world do not have access to such events or documents.

Keywords: qualitative research; qualitative inquiry; semi-structured interviews; beliefs and practices; research goals



*Corresponding Author