Work-based assessment at vocational high school in Indonesia

2019 IJRSE – Volume 8 Issue 1


Santosa, Budi
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (

Dwi, Sulisworo*
Ahmad Dahlan University, Indonesia (


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problems of applying competence based assessment in vocational high school when student learning in the workplace. This research method is research and development. Respondents are students, teachers, industry counselors and assessors of professional certification bodies coming from four schools and four workshops. The original construction of the work-based assessment is based on an integration of learning processes in schools and industry work practices in the studio. Work-based assessment is conducted by developing; competency standards, learning at school and workplace when students are learning at industrial work practices. Vocational secondary schools must have a professional certification body, a competency test site, and independent assessors. The development of competency standards is done by combining the competency standards of graduates in schools with competency needs in the industry. The model of work-based assessment that is proposed appears to have a reasonable level of the implement to industry work practices for the student and provides an approach to describing the training that is not limited to learning contexts.

Keywords: work-based assessment; competence based assessment; workplace; vocational education; innovation; professional



*Corresponding Author